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I'm a Stay-at-Home parent, and I don't earn an income. I don't need life insurance, right?

First of all, hats off to you. Most people have no idea how hard being a stay-at-home parent is. You good ma'am/sir, are a warrior. Now that that's established, let's move on to the question at hand. Do you need life insurance? If you are a stay-at-home parent, there is a very real and tangible economic benefit that you bring to your family. Think about it - what would your spouse have to pay someone to come to your home and do what you do for your family? Day after day, week after week, month after month. Any guess? $20 - $25/hr at a minimum. Based on a 40 hour week, that's $42,000 - $52,000 a year! You, stay-at-home warrior, are worth a lot! And you need a term life policy that is at least $500,000 to protect it. That is the minimum amount your spouse would need to be able to pay someone to perform the tangible services you provide to your family every day. Not having life insurance is not an option for you!

Now that you know your worth, go sit down, relax and have an adult beverage of your choice (but only after you've gotten your life insurance in place)!

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