Long-Term-Care Medicaid

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According to the State of South Dakota, "The average private pay rate for a semi-private room in a South Dakota nursing home in 2018 was $223 a day, or over $81,400 per year. The average cost for a day in a South Dakota nursing home has increased annually. The average length of stay is 2.5 years, bringing the cost of an average stay to $203,400".

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Needless to say, the financial aspect of how to pay for a nursing home stay is overwhelming. Thankfully for certain individuals, there is State assistance through Long-Term-Care Medicaid (covered under Title XIX of the Social Security Act). However, most people are unfamiliar with how this program works, or where to begin preparing for this journey. This is where Baseline Financial Solutions comes in.

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At Baseline Financial Solutions, we have the knowledge required to guide you through this process. You will be served by someone who worked for the State of South Dakota for over three years, determining the financial eligibility of individuals applying for LTC Medicaid. They will answer the tough questions, walk you through how this program works, assist you in filling out the proper application (EA-240), and make sure you know what to expect once that application is submitted to the State. Knowledge is crucial, and we look forward to using our's to help you and your loved ones.

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