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We help people, and we're extremely passionate about it. Let us help you make money stress, debt, and financial strain a thing of the past. It's time to establish your new financial baseline, and live the life you were meant to.

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Financial Coaching

One-on-one coaching with a Certified Personal Finance Counselor. We'll help you radically improve your personal finances and relationship with money. Now is the time.


When you need it, you need it! Insurance is a major component of your financial well-being. We make sure that you get the coverage that you NEED.

Meet the Founder

Joe Siebert, CPFC
- Certified Personal Finance Counselor
- Licensed Insurance Agent
- Investment Advisor Representative

Joe launched Baseline Financial Solutions in January of 2019. Being native to the Aberdeen area, he attended Northern State University and received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in 2013. He is also a proud veteran, having served in the National Guard and deployed overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is blessed to have three beautiful children; Genevieve, Hailey, and Sebastian. They are the "Why" behind everything he does. His passion for personal finance is derived from his own personal financial journey, and this journey is what gave him many of the necessary tools to be able to teach others how to take charge and transform their personal finances and their lives. 

Or call (605) 252-5972

(605) 252-5972

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